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I am a painter. I create illusions, moods and atmospheres. I use traditional materials of canvas, oils, fiber, but do not work in traditional methods. I also use current digital technology in much the same manner that other technologies before it have been used by the artist. The artist has always worked within the capabilities of the medium and adapted to the way the medium works. Many of my paintings are scanned into the computer and are born anew as digital prints.

I was introduced to the computer as an art medium in 1989, and have devoted much of my creative energies to this ever-changing process. My focus centers on boundaries and on the impact One has upon the Other – specifically that place where One becomes the Other.

My art includes giclee prints on silk, continually discovering how color translates from the traditional to the digital world of the print.  

My work has been shown in New York City, Paris & Toulouse France, Florence Italy, Barcelona, Valencia & Madrid Spain, and other cities across Europe and the United States.

As a writer on the arts my work has been featured in several publications .